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Heritage of knowledge and creativity

Volcar’s Collections Archive is a treasure of fashion and textiles that tells the company’s rich history. It contains all the different collections that have characterised the company’s evolution over the years and the various trends, styles and materials that have marked iconic eras.

Our archive contains a wide range of collections, each with its own uniqueness and distinctive aesthetic. From fine fabrics to impeccable cuts, each collection represents Volcar’s commitment to innovation, quality and Made in Italy excellence.

Each garment in the archive reveals a unique story, revealing how fashion and fabrics have reflected evolving tastes and trends over the years. We are proud to preserve this heritage of knowledge, inspiration and creativity.

An extraordinary resource to immerse oneself in the company’s history and heritage.

Reference creations

Style, fabrics and details

The Volcar Collection Archive section is like a journey through time, that allows you to discover and appreciate the timeless elegance of the creations that have made Volcar a benchmark in the industry. Carefully selected, masterfully crafted fabrics transform simple garments into works of art. From refined silk yarns to soft cashmere, delicate lace and intricate embroidery, each material used in the collections tells a story of craftsmanship and dedication.

Collections from top Brands and Designers

Icons from every era

Our collections have been inherited from the best international stylists, designers and craftsmen who have created unique pieces. Each collection is a work of art with its own soul, an expression of the taste and spirit of its time.

From classic style to avant-garde or eccentricity, the Volcar Collection Archive contains them all. Every garment and every fabric tells a story, evokes emotions and stirs the imagination. You can see how fashion has transformed over the years, keeping pace with the social, cultural and political evolutions that have influenced the world around us.