The history

It was 1952 …

Three generations of the Volpato family have contributed to the success of Volcar, a company that has specialized in high-end knitwear for 60 years. Located in Brendola, in Vicenza province, a region that flourished during the golden age of Venice and today great pole of the Italian industry.


Giovanni Volpato and his wife, Emma Carollo, started Volcar in 1952, playing with silk, wool,and cotton yarns in order to create a new form of knitwear. They purchased their first chrome-plated loom and spent days and nights working to achieve the perfect knitted fabric.
At the end of the 1970s, Daniele Volpato, their son, began to manage Volcar. Thanks to his management skills and his deep knowledge of the product, the company soon became an important contact for the most important fashion brands in Italy and abroad.
Since 2001, Volcar has focused on the luxury segment of fashion under the guidance of Paola, Daniele’s wife, who has experience with a variety of fashion companies and excellent knowledge in product development and pattern cutting. She has contributed greatly to improving knitwear and the growth of the company.
Now, Daniele’s son, Filippo, has joined Volcar as a new generation of this family business. His knowledge and enthusiasm has brought added energy to a family that has always been passionate about its work.
The strength lies in tradition, a concern for design and quality, and respect for the hard work that has made Volcar a well-known name In Italian fashion.